Everymind is conducting two projects to develop, deliver and research professional development approaches to build the capacity of early childhood educators and primary school teachers to contribute to the prevention of depression and/or anxiety in children.

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Minds Together for family day care educators

This project seeks to build the capacity and confidence of Family Day Care (FDC) educators to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for children in their care, helping to prevent the development of anxiety and depression.

Children who are supported in their wellbeing in early childhood have a strong foundation for developing the skills, values and behaviours they need for positive physical and mental health as adults.

To support children’s mental health and wellbeing, FDC educators need particular knowledge, skills and practices. These relate to maintaining key partnerships with families and other professionals, engaging in professional practice related to mental health, creating positive environments, supporting children’s social and emotional development, and providing early intervention for mental ill-health.

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