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Minds Together for carers of people with depression and/or anxiety

This project aims to support the mental health and wellbeing, as well as prevent the mental ill-health, of carers of adults experiencing depression and/or anxiety.

"Carers experience symptoms of depression and anxiety more frequently than non-carers, and significantly more than the general population."

Minds Together will deliver an online program and tailored resources to support mental health, with the aim of addressing a known gap in service provision for carers.

The development of Minds Together for carers has been based on the learning outcomes of Partners in Depression, a national group education program designed to address the information and support needs of those who love, live with or care for a person experiencing depression.

It has also been informed by a review of published research literature, and survey completed by 123 carers and interview consultation with 20 carers undertaken between 2018 and 2019.

 The Minds Together for carers program is:

  • informed by carers
  • evidence driven
  • designed in collaboration with service providers
  • developed to incorporate capacity building, skill development and knowledge growth.

The program currently contains four modules which explore the caring journey, caring for yourself and others, what matters to you, and how to talk about it, as well as helpful strategies for everyday life.

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