Australian entertainment industry professionals show levels of mental ill-health and suicidal behaviour substantially higher than those of the general population. Converging data from recent research has highlighted the importance of developing industry-tailored strategies to improve and promote entertainment professionals’ mental health and wellbeing.

In order to develop a strategic and coordinated action across the full spectrum of activity required to address these concerns, an Australian Alliance for Wellness in Entertainment (AAWE) has been convened by Entertainment Assist, a health promotion charity that raises awareness about mental health in the performing arts and entertainment industry. Entertainment Assist has partnered with leading mental health organisation Everymind to develop targeted ways to assist entertainment industry professionals in addressing their mental health and wellbeing needs.

Everymind has completed a research project on the extent of mental ill-health in the entertainment industry specifically, exploring a number of associated factors, including a range of personal, social, workplace and employment characteristics. The results and recommendations from this research, which will soon be published, will guide the development of programs and supports to enhance mental and physical health, tailored to the needs of entertainment industry professionals.

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