Anchored is a smartphone application designed to improve depression and wellbeing outcomes in working populations experiencing stress. It is based on the HeadGear app, which was developed by our research team for workers in male-dominated industries and found to be effective in preventing depression and improving a range of mental health and work-related outcomes. Anchored builds on this prior research by adapting the HeadGear app for a general working population.

The Anchored clinical content is delivered through a 30-day intervention in which users are taught to practice a variety of healthy coping and wellbeing practices centred around mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. Anchored has been evaluated in a pilot study as well as a large randomised controlled trial (RCT) with over 2900 working Australian adults from a range of industries. This research has shown that Anchored is suitable and acceptable for this population and has benefits including improving depression symptoms and related outcomes. 


To improve depression and wellbeing outcomes in Australian workers via delivery of digital mental health tools.


Over the past two years, we have: developed and trialled a new smartphone application (Anchored) to prevent depression in a stressed working population. This was based on the success of HeadGear, an app aimed at male-dominated industries.

Pilot testing (N = 81) of the app found to significant pre-post improvements in depressive symptoms, anxiety, wellbeing, resilience, stress, and alcohol use. There were satisfactory levels of app usability, feasibility, and acceptability.

RCT data (N>2900) is currently being analysed.


  • Australian Government Department of Health through The Prevention Hub
  • iCare Foundation



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