Everymind is expanding its Ahead For Business project to give specific support and resources to emerging small business owners in Australia.

Research has shown that being a small business owner can have several benefits (e.g. autonomy, financial independence, flexible working conditions). However, these benefits can be overshadowed by risks and challenges associated with being a small business owner, impacting mental health and wellbeing.

Various websites outline the different steps required to start a business; however, managing one’s mental health and wellbeing is often not considered.

The early stages of setting up a business are critical for establishing a good foundation for the business. And so, Ahead For Business will provide key resources and supports to help emerging small business owners manage their mental health and wellbeing and establish good practices from early on in their small business career.


This project aims to develop resources and provide support for emerging small business owners to manage their mental health and wellbeing.


Currently, we are designing a consultation project to talk to emerging small business owners and identify the needs that they have in relation to their mental health and wellbeing.

  • Australian Government Department of Health through The Prevention Hub

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