Mental ill-health is continues to have a significant impact on Australians, with one in five people experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression in a 12-month period (ABS, 2008). Severe depression and anxiety are particularly prevalent, comprising of 50% of mental illnesses (AIHW, 2016). However, with a large proportion of people with mental illness not engaged with professional services, the burden of providing care falls with the relatives, friends and social networks. It is the loved ones who have a relationship with the person who become the ‘carers’.

While caring can be very rewarding, we also know that carers experience depressive and anxiety symptoms more frequently than non-carers, and significantly more than the general population. Effective, evidence based interventions have the capacity to improve the physical, emotional, social and psychological impact of the person in the caring role. It is anticipated that these positive outcomes will also translate into a positive impact on the person being supported

Led by Everymind, in partnership with the University of Newcastle, this research project aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing, as well as prevent mental ill-health, of carers of adults experiencing anxiety or depressive symptoms. The project will provide direct access to an online prevention program and tailored resources for carers to prevent depression and anxiety symptoms, with the aim of increasing the reach of the program, and addressing a known gap in the current service provision network for carers.

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