Every Doctor, Every Setting is a National Framework for preventing anxiety and depression among those studying and working in healthcare settings. The National Framework brings together the best available evidence on what works to prevent and respond to mental ill-health and suicide and applies it to the medical profession. 

The National Framework describes five pillars for coordinated action and a range of suggested activities to be prioritised across settings to achieve the desired vision of a medical profession that works and studies in an environment that support wellbeing and enables quality patient care.

The National Framework has been developed under the guidance of a national working group. It draws on a review of the evidence, consultations with doctors, doctors-in-training, medical students and other key stakeholders in the medical profession, and best practice in policy and programs nationally and internationally.


The National Framework aims to guide strategic and coordinated action for preventing and tackling mental ill-health and suicide in medical students, doctors, and others who study and work in healthcare settings.


The National Framework was funded by the Australian Government as part of The Prevention Hub (co-led by the Black Dog Institute and Everymind) and specific project funding for Tackling Mental Ill-Health in Doctors and Medical Students.

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