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Bachelor of Science (Psychology) (Honours), PhD, University of Newcastle


Professor Kay-Lambkin has worked in a clinical research capacity with people experiencing psychotic disorders, depression, personality disorders and alcohol/other drug use problems, with specific experience in the use of cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques among people with co-occurring mental ill-health and alcohol/other drug use problems.

Research Interests

Development and clinical trial of computer- and internet-delivered treatments for people with co-occurring mental health and alcohol/other drug use problems.

Prevention Hub Projects
Advisory groups/participation

Former president of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions, part of senior leadership team at the University of Sydney’s Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use, President of the Society for Mental Health Research, Chair of the Research Review Committee for Orygen/Human Ethics Advisory Group for the Centre for Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne.

More Information
Frances Kay Lambkin1500X1500
Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin

Professor, Department of Psychology and Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation), University of Newcastle